Push Ups

1 January 2017

Diolch. Distributed by Publishers Group West Please Note This book has been written and published strictly for informational purposes, and in no way should be used as a substitute for consultation with health care professionals. you should not consider educational material herein to be the practice of medicine or to replace consultation with a physician or other medical practitioner. The author and publisher are providing you with information in this work so that you can have the knowledge and can choose, at your own risk, to act on that knowledge.In simple terms, an equal effort is required IntroductIon 11 to lower your body and raise it back up, and it’s this controlled pace that works muscles as a team through three types of muscle-building resistance—concentric, eccentric and isometric. The benefits of push-ups are plentiful.

Push-ups will improve muscular endurance within the upper body, strengthen both muscles and bones, create lean muscle mass that raises your metabolism and, of course, help keep you fit and healthy.If you’re just looking to develop a great chest, arms and shoulders, you could do much worse than follow along with the 100 Push-Ups plan. In addition, I guarantee you’ll be surprised as your core strength goes through the roof, too! Speaking as an aging but competitive runner, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve neglected my upper body strength in the past. However, in recent times I realized the importance of developing muscular strength and endurance and as a result went in search of an easy-tofollow but challenging exercise regime.The solution, I soon found, was the good oldfashioned push-up—a classic compound exercise to develop muscular endurance in the chest, shoulders and arms. The logic I followed was simple: an increase in upper body strength would help me become a better runner and, when the going got tough toward the end of a race, my overall strength would kick in and see me through to the finish line. I loved the fact that push-ups were such a straightforward exercise and could be performed literally anywhere with no special equipment.

Push Ups Essay Example

I took time to research various existing plans and workouts, and the rest, as they say, is history. People lose up to two percent of muscle mass per year, eventually losing as much as 50 percent of muscle mass in the course of a lifetime. The effects of losing muscle mass include a decrease in strength, greater susceptibility to injury, and an increase in body fat. The good news, however, is regular exercise enlarges muscle fibers and will help stave off the decline by increasing the strength of muscle you have left.In fact, in many cases, strength training has been proven to reverse the loss of muscle mass and bone density due to aging. I understand the most intimidating step is the first one. That’s why this book also covers basic warm-up and stretching information and a variety of programs to suit all levels.

In addition, you’ll learn motivational tips and proper push-up technique, as well as be exposed to an array of alternative push-up styles if so required. Still need proof that the 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups plan is for you? ead the testimonials (see pages 28–31) from real people who have completed 100 consecutive push-ups and find out how a regular strength-training regime impacted their lives. 13 About the Book Fitness gains cannot be made without a concerted effort and a disciplined regime. After taking an initial test to determine your current fitness level, this book will guide you through a seven-week plan that is sure to set you on the road to a new, improved you. Hundreds of people just like yourself have already completed the program and been amazed at the results.All it takes is the will to succeed, steely determination and a small time commitment each week. 14 7 Weeks to 100 Push-uPs This book contains four major sections, each with a specific goal.

Part 1 introduces the seven-week program, defines how to perform the perfect push-up, describes why push-ups are a fantastic exercise and details the benefits of following a structured training program. It also contains real-life testimonials from people who have successfully completed 100 consecutive push-ups, a list of frequently asked questions and steps to follow before embarking on the program.

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