Pushed Too Far

4 April 2015
An analysis of the theme of pride in the play “Medea”.

In this paper, the issue of pride in the play “Medea” is discussed. This theory of pride is the reason Medea kills her children is then applied to the Lemak murder trial and Keyser Soze in “The Usual Suspects”.
“The phenomenon of parents killing their children is an old concept. No matter how far back in time this phenomenon occurred, it was at least known of at the time of Euripides when he wrote, Medea. In this play, a woman, Medea, kills her children as a way to get back at her cheating husband, Jason. There are many factors involved in her decision to do this act of unspeakable brutality, and her own sense of pride is high on this list. In fact, pride seems to be the primary reason. This sense of over-pride that pushes one too far in their actions can, and for this paper, will be called the Medea Complex.

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This complex is alive and well in society, surfacing most notably in the case of Marilyn Lemak, who killed her three young children after her husband had pushed her too far in her eyes. The Medea Complex is at work in this real-life case, but is also shown in the movie The Usual Suspects.”

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