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2 February 2017

Please give a brief summary of your current recreational and leisure activities, including sports and holidays. I am a enegetic boy. I like sports, and I’m really a big sports fan, especially football and basketball, and I play them with my friends regularly, I think it is beneficial not only for my health, but also the relationship between the friends. Reading is my second favorite, magazines, novels, newspapers , whatever, I am curious about everything, so I usually spent a whole day in the library during the weekend to dig out the answer.And I usually watch a movie or American TV series, and share my feelings with my friends. 2.

What clubs and societies are you a member of and in what capacity? I once a chairperson of the students’ union during my undergraduate years, and organized a lot of activities, such as the sports meeting, the debating contest, evening party and so on, during my graduate years, I am also a member of the drama society, I once have been a leading actress in the english drama “gone with the wind”. More than 50 news and other articles written by myself published in newspaper.I join the graduate communist youth league as the head of the department of the social practice. thinking some new activities and put it into practice is my job, fortunately, through communicating with the students,we know their needs,and I thought out the ideas and with others members, we have organized the contest of innovative classes, including preliminary and final, the contest of “who can convince the ceo’, a management problem solution contest, including prelinary,pk and final. Our activities have won the appreciation of the teachers and the students. 3.What factors have influenced your career choice? I think if I want to make contributions to my company, it needs a match between me and the job itself.

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For me, interest is very important, because that will give me the passion and inspire my innovation to complete my job, for the job, I will lay more emphasis on its development prospect, I want to grow with the development of the company. 4. Please describe your objective and what you have done to date to achieve it. I choose accounting as my career way. Because I like to research and help people solving their problems.This decision just made up in last semester. I haven’t prepared much for it but everything I have done I treated it seriously.

As my major is management, I choose some lessons that related to investment to learn. Meanwhile I read some books about investment principle and business comments on newspapers. I choose auditing as my career way. Besides,auditing will provide me an opportunity to know many different companies and industries. I am an active and easy-going girl. I would like to cooperate with people from various backgrounds. This decision is made up in last year.

As my major is Business Management, I choose some lessons such as accounting, auditing and finance to learn. Meanwhile I learned three CPA courses by my self and attended the examination in Sep, 2006. The CPA certification is one of my target in the coming year. Career object My name is John. I am going to talk about my career objectives. I want to be an excellent engineer in the area of communication when I first enter in the college, even back to high school I have already dreamed of being an engineer in the world’s leading companies or operators, such as Erricson, Nokia or China mobile.The main reason was that mobile phone was becoming popular those days and the mobile phone was a miracle to me.

I wanted to know how such miracle happens. How did it work? Why we can talk to each other without any real connections. With such questions, I chose BUPT. I wanted to be an engineer in the communication area. I wanted to know the answers to such questions. Nowadays, I have leaned a lot in the college. I have already known how the mobile phone works.

Of course, there still exist lots of details and new challenges that I do not know in this area. But basically, the mobile communication is no longer a miracle to me.Correspondingly, I have changed my opinion, changed my objective. I want to be a teacher, not the professors in universities, but an ordinary teacher in the elementary school. As it is known to all, certain remote and isolated area in china, people are still leading extraordinarily poor life. Lots of people with high education degree do not like to stay in these areas. They all want to come to the well-developed area, such as Beijing, Shaihai.

Consequently, it is very short of teachers in such area, especially for those elementary schools. I think the children are innocent.They deserve the equal education opportunities. I want to bring hopes to these children. Another reason why I want to be such teachers is that I want to know the answers to the following questions: why they are so poor, due to the natural environment or the human subjective consciousness? Does education can bring any positive effect in changing such phenomenon? I want to find the answers by myself. About the objective in the coming 5-10 years, it is decided by the answers to the above questions that I am going to find. After I know the answers, I will try to find if I can do any help.

If I can be any of use for those areas those children and I am qualified, I will continue to stay there and spend my lifetime to make my contributions. Else, I may come back to rejoin the communication industry, to pick up the goal that has been left. The objective I want to achieve when I first enter in this school, the engineer. I will try to reduce the cost of the communication service. Not to make more money. I want more and more people can enjoy the convenience brought by the rapid development of the technologies, especially for those poor.I also believe that people deserve the equal opportunity in enjoying the convenience brought by high techniques.

Those career objectives may even can not form a clear develop path and it is also quite challenge. But, life itself is a miracle. No matter what you choose, no matter what you are going to pursue. Challenges are always there, isn’t? All we have to do is crossing the bridge when we come to it. Days are numbered, let’s fight for tomorrow. Thank you all. 5.

Describe your greatest success or a situation where you exceeded your own expectation?To be honest, I failed in the college entrance examnation seven years ago, that is beyond everyone’s expectation, because I am very good at studing at school, that really shocks me a lot. But I remembered my teacher’s words “ that is ok, although you failed in the starting line, but I hope you can win in the final line” so I set a lot of goals the moment I go to college and make them come true gradually, and the greatest success I have gained by now is I have ranked NO. 1 among the whole management department of the zhejiang univertsity in the graduate admisiion examnation.

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