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2 February 2017

Immediate Issues How to proceed on this summer project? Does the supply system for remote locations make sense? Basic Issues 1. Centralization of supply 2. Designing a supply system 3. Supply research 4. Small orders 5. Remote locations 6.

Use of interns 7. Rush orders If you were in the position of Alice Winter, what would be your analysis of your research findings to date and what steps would you recommend next for your summer project? 1. Did it make sense to start the project by looking at supplier invoices?I believe that did make sense to track the products and inventory that goes to the site so she can see the differences compared to other sites. This way she can isolate specific anomolys in the supply chain and decide how to address them. 2. Did the choice of three sites over a four-month period represent a reasonable sample? The sample is large enough for a quick idea about the supply chain to these remote sites. It probably would have been helpful to have a larger sample size its more than 10% so it defintly works.

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Since this is a summer project it can give Qmont an idea of how to fix things. 3. What additional information would be helpful? It would been helpful to know how urgently the parts were needed and what a reasonable downtime is. If it cost less in downtime than a rush delivery airplane than what is an acceptable time to wait. Is it feasible to wait and ship multiple items on the plane therefore reducing trips being made. 4. Is it possible to draw some tentative conclusions on this project?I believe so because if these three sites have basically the same problems and cost than it will translate to the other sites.

I do think they should do a more indepth investigation on the situation for a larger amount of time. 5. What other industries might face similar supply challenges? I can see offshore drilling companys having the same type of problems with the supply chain. I can also see remote airfields and military installations developing the same problems.

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