Qualified Personnel in the Pharmaceutical Industry

4 April 2015
A paper which shows how medically qualified personnel can add value to the pharmaceutical industry.

By examining several examples, the paper shows how medically trained personnel play a key role in bridging the gap between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry. It shows that as well as the medical knowledge, the ethics and patient focus of a medically trained professional also adds value to the industry and to health and patient care in general.
“This is also valuable working in the opposite direction. Medically qualified personnel can communicate the needs of the medical community to the pharmaceutical industry, for example if a new drug is needed for a certain condition. If a strong need is communicated, the pharmaceutical can put research funding into searching for a suitable new drug. Based on the commercial nature of the pharmaceutical industry, it is logical that pharmaceutical companies will work to develop products if they know there is a market for them. This helps both the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and ultimately, the public and the patient as well.”

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