Using the cardinal rules of medical ethics as a base, design a policy that you would implement as an administrator of a health care organization(s) for both public health and health services. Discuss any differences in your policy and rationale. As an administrator, I would seek to enact policy that focused on equal treatment, equal distribution, and respect. Regardless of financial ability all patients would have the same access to care and level of treatment. The current physician shortage underscores issues with uneven distribution of care; rural areas and inner cities face shortages that often result in unequal care. It can also create a monopoly due to the limited availability of providers and the demand.

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Finally, respect will be the priority in both public health capacities as well as in an outpatient or inpatient setting. Privacy is especially central to this concept, as well as non-disclosure of medical history to those without the need to know or personal information that could be used against someone.

The theory of respect also applies to hospital staff and leadership. Prioritize the major impediments to quality health services and discuss the possible solutions for the first two, along with ethical implications. The major impediments to quality health services are economic barriers that dissuade providers from providing care, discourage patients from seeking care, and can cause more serious health problems in the long run, organizational that mostly deals with social factors and distribution, and managerial which mostly deals with resources.

Universal access to care will help alleviate the financial aspects as well as laws that penalize providers who turn away uninsured or underinsured. In order to better distribute providers there should be incentives for those who practice in areas with shortages and financial incentive for those who work in low income or rural areas.

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