Quality management

9 September 2016

Pick a product good or service that you are interested in consuming sometime in the near future. Analyze the offerings of two competing firms. How do the products compare on various dimensions of quality? From these differences, what can you infer about each company’s strategy and the customers that they seem to be targeting? A good that I will be purchasing sometime soon is a new vehicle. My husband and I are looking at either a Chevy Silverado, or a Ford F-150. Both trucks are well built, and look nice. The durability on both is exceptional.

The engine needed really depends on the type of work the truck will be used for. Both brands are popular and are also up to date on the current technology. It would really come down to personal preference, and I personally am loyal to the brands that I love. It’s very difficult for me to switch to a competing brand when I’ve decided that I found something that works for me. What I can infer is that there aren’t really any differences between these particular brands, besides the name. They both get the job done. 2. ) Employee empowerment is an essential element of quality management, especially in services.

Quality management Essay Example

From your own experience, cite instances where a service provider empowered its employee to go the extra mile to delight you. Then indicate an instance where the opposite happened. Many moons ago, I was late in returning a DVD to Blockbuster. The CSR informed me of the late fees. She saw the surprise in my face, and told me not to worry about it, that she was going to clear them off of my account. I asked her if she was sure she wouldn’t get into trouble. She told me that he had given her permission to clear late fees if she felt it was appropriate.

I never got another late fee again, and I was a regular customer. An instance where the opposite happened was this past week. For the past week our internet and cable TV has been going down. At&t has sent 5 technicians out, and no one has been able to fix our problem. We have called them numerous times to complain, and the only response we get is “I’m sorry. ” I have told them that we need to be compensated for the time we have spent waiting for technicians to come out, and having to go to public places with free wifi to do our homework. We’re still waiting on a manager to contact us.

We are considering canceling our services with them, and getting another service provider. 3. ) You have been commissioned to create a local equivalent of the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award for your college’s campus. The winner will receive free campus parking for one academic year. Prepare a list of criteria for use in deciding who on your campus is most worthy of this award. How would you propose these factors be measured? Should they be? The student must show leadership skills, have an excellent attendance record, and a GPA of 3. 25 or higher.

Yes, the factors must be measured because the free campus parking for a year is a reward, and not just anyone deserves to be awarded. 4. ) You have been appointed head of quality control for your organization (a firm you have worked at or at your college). During the first month, you interview desciples of Deming, Juran, and Crosby. Each seems to be equally affable and competent. Which consultant would you hire for your organization? Why? I would hire Juran because he contributed to the quality movement by creating a focus on the definition and cost of quality. 5. Why are most quality awards based on the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award program?

Why not the ISO 9000 Standard? The requirements are far more specific. They are designed to help evaluators compare quality systems and to identify superior firms. ISO 9000 on the other hand is not a competitive standard. It is intended to ensure that the quality system in place at least minimally conforms to certain requirements. 6. ) It has been said that quality management is really a “people” system, more than a technical system. If this is true, what conditions must first be in place for a firm to be successful with quality management?

What are the possible repercussions for the firm if the employees aren’t committed to the quality management program? Performance, features, reliability, conformance, aesthetics, support/responsiveness, and perceived quality all must be in place for a firm to be successful with quality management. If employees aren’t committed to the quality management program, customers might notice the difference and go somewhere else. 1. ) How would you rate Dinsmore’s Hotel? What evidence would you provide to support your position? I would rate Dinsmore’s hotel very poor. The whole experience was awful.

The doorman saw that a guest had arrived, and instead of promptly helping him with his luggage, he offered him an umbrella and had him do it himself. The parking situation was horrible, and didn’t give him enough time to check in before getting his vehicle towed away. The employees seemed genuinely bothered to have to quit socializing to tend to their guest. There was complete lack of both customer service and management. 2. ) What are some of the most interesting examples of quality found in the case? How does Dinsmore view these examples? How would you, as the customer view these same instances?

I felt the most interesting examples of the poor quality found in this case to be the fact that the doorman didn’t help the guest with his luggage. He had to do it himself getting his car towed in the process. The counter clerk wasn’t friendly, and didn’t seem to worried about the fact that he was the owner’s guest. I would think if you know that the customer is someone that the owner knows, you would go above and beyond to make the guest feel welcomed. Dinsmore pretty much sees all of the poor quality as “growing pains”, like it’s all a part of the natural process, and the problems will go away on their own.

As a customer, I would be extremely disappointed if I showed up at this hotel and experienced all of these problems. When I get to a hotel after a long day of traveling, the last thing I want is to arrive to a room that isn’t ready for me. I surely do not want to walk up some stairs due to the elevator being out of service! The food trays in the hallway would disgust me! It would make me wonder just how clean the places I can’t see really are, and I’d be questioning the housekeeper’s work ethics. 3. ) What do you think of Dinsmore’s handling of the dispute involving the vacuums?

The housekeeper probably didn’t like the suggestion about vacuuming every other day, because she knew that it was her responsibility to keep the hotel rooms clean. People do not want to stay in dirty hotel rooms. Dinsmore should have decided to invest in more vacuums so that the job could get done efficiently and on a daily basis. 4. ) What would you recommend to Dinsmore about the manager of the restaurant? The restaurant manager seemed to be the only person that was focused on great customer service. He quickly sat his customers and took a drink order.

It seemed as if the drinks and menus appeared on their own. His hotel would be a better place if he had employees like the restaurant manager. 5. ) If you were hired as a consultant by the owners of this hotel, what would you do? Why? If I was hired as a consultant, my first job would be to identify all of the problems the hotel had. There are many problems this hotel is experiencing, from the friendliness and efficiency of the staff, to the management. The staff needs training in how to do their jobs.

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