Queen Elizabeth I

4 April 2015
A collation and review of articles and books written on the topic of Queen Elizabeth I.

This paper presents a detailed analysis of articles and books written about Elizabeth I. The writer traces Elizabeth I’s life and explores various writers’ commentaries on her life and the bias of their writings. It concludes with an attempt to arrive at a consensus of the Queen’s character, from the writings studied.
The above passage from the article underscores the author’s obvious admiration of the queen and her confidence. The article displays several examples of the queen’s ability to shut down anyone who attempts to chastise her publicly or rebuke her nation’s efforts. The queen was well known for the ability to react with a sharp tongue and be able to lash someone to shreds verbally if she felt cornered or insulted, however, the author of each article about her decides how much of this trait to display within the writings.

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