Queen Nefertari

2 February 2017

Queen Nefertari was the wife of Ramses II- the longest ruling pharaoh who reigned in the 19th Dynasty (1295-1255 B. C. ) which was from the 13th to 14th century and he continued to rule on on for seventy years. She married Ramses at the age of thirteen. Nefertari was also one of his many and favorite wives. She produced as many as ten children for Ramses among them two sons named Amonhirwonmef, Prehirwonmef, and two daughters named Merytamon and Mertatum.

Her birth parents remain a mystery but it is determined that she is of royal heritage. Nefertari had a brother by the name of Amenmose who was the mayor of Thebes during her rule as queen. She was of high importance and because most portraits or pictures painted by ancient Egyptians are with Ramses II, this may mean she might’ve had a major political influence on Egypt. Queen Nefertari was not the only queen present during the rule of Ramses II, he had a household filled with many queens. His children were estimated at one hundred or more.

Queen Nefertari Essay Example

Nefertari’s disappearance still is considered as a mystery although her tomb has been found and remains a precious treasure to Egypt. It is located in The Valley of the Queens. Ramses referred to Queen Nefertari as the “most beautiful one” which is one of her many names she is known by. Nefertari Mery-en-Mut name meant “most beautiful beloved of the goddess Mut. ”

Her full range of titles were “Great of praise”, “Sweet of love”, “Great royal wife”, “Lady of charm”, “Great royal wife, his beloved”, “Lady of the two lands”, “Lady of all lands”, “Wife of strong bull”, “God’s wife”, “Lady of upper and lower Egypt. Ramses also referred to his wife as “The one for whom the sun shines. ” Nefertari married Ramses at the tender age of thirteen. Although very young she held the responsibility of being queen very well, going even as far as accompanying Ramses on one or two of his battles. It is said that Nefertari is of royal heritage, but her birth parents remain a mystery. Some Egyptologists think that she was probably the daughter of King Seti I, and thus sister or half sister of Ramses II himself.

Other Egyptologists, however, think that her designation as “Hereditary Princess” might be in some way connected with her being representative of Thebais. The tomb of Queen Nefertari was discovered in 1904 and forbidden to take pictures of. More than 50 tombs mention her name. Nefertari out lived her husband by a number of years which her mummy indicates sh died around 70 years of age. She passed away sometime during Ramses 25 reigned year. After her death Isetnofret became his new principal wife. Queen Nefertari became royal at the age of thirteen and since then she has always been known for that and her beauty.

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