‘Queen’ Yearbook

2 February 2019

“What template are we using for the Student Life section?” “How will we take our portraits outside if it rains tomorrow?” “Anna, should we feature star athletes over team composites?” Often, it is assumed I have the answers to these types of questions. In reality, I am not the most technologically savvy person in Room 1156 and I certainly don’t know everything.

However, as Editor-In-Chief of the yearbook, I need to make the call. “Look at the template I uploaded yesterday.” “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but Friday it will be sunny so plan to meet outside then instead.” “I think the team picture needs to be the biggest on the page.” While continuously making my rounds to assist the yearbook staff with their assigned pages, I realize that while being a leader, I cannot be a Stalin. Instead, my Malala side needs to come forth: I have to show my trust and faith in the yearbook staff.

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I like to think of these sessions as working out a math equation – something I am good at and tends to calm me.

The Yearbook class is similar to a polynomial equation because there are multiple variables and not necessarily just one solution. Hence, rather than being arduous, I am open to it and I realize that the Editor position can be an inspiring one. No, I am not positive that I want the font throughout the book to be Baskerville rather than Futura, or if there should be a design on the Table of Contents. The layout editor has more experience in this field so rather than her repeatedly asking me “What do you want the colors to be throughout the yearbook,” I can respond the first time with “Lopa, you know what you are doing. I trust your judgment and am excited to see the final product!” As Editor-In-Chief, or as some call me ‘Queen Yearbook,’ I acknowledge that I’m grateful that sometimes people’s ideas are going to be better than my own.It is the day before the sports section is due and the Sports Editor is absent. What should I do? Do I panic? Do I assign the Business Editor to finish the Tennis page? Or do I realize that there are bound to be hurdles that sometimes may seem like setbacks, but in reality are overcome with a calm, clear mind.

Note to self: remember this previous statement regularly. “I am going to finish aligning photos, and Peter, since you are done writing the Color Guard copy, please finish up the Football copy as well; your writing is impressive.” My resilience starts to shine through and I’m not going to lie, I would not mind if it visited more often.It is in Yearbook that these traits tend to exude from me, qualities that sometimes shrink into the corner, yet attributes I am proud of. I am eager to see how these characteristics will express themselves in my future endeavors. Although I often question my authority and think, I am the same age as these kids. I have been in this class just as long as my peers have.

What are they going to think of me when I look at them and say, “It’s time to put your phone away and refocus.” I realize that I have to take control and be the leader this Yearbook class demands. Each and every morning, I take a deep breath while opening the door to Room 1156. After fifty-two minutes, I exit the room, and while exhaling, a smile comes across my face. I feel like the person walking away is someone I’d follow, I’d trust, and I’d like to spend more time with.

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