Queens’ Disaster Plan

4 April 2015
A paper reviewing the disaster plan for the community of Queens, New York.

The paper reviews the disaster plan put out by Queens, N.Y. It shows that awareness about the importance of Community Disaster plans is on the rise and the American Red Cross and fire department are doing their best to educate the community of Queens, New York. The paper shows that what is important is that the disaster plan is practiced regularly and carried out as planned during times of emergency. It surmises that the disaster plan is very effective and covers nearly all issues helping to save more lives and property.
The Disaster Plan although very useful and helpful can be further improved upon by giving more importance and consideration to a few issues. The most important is working out a plan on how to help the disabled and handicapped members of the neighborhood. This also applies to elderly people who may have mobility problems.

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Although the above disaster plan applies to them, a few more points should be taken into consideration. The old and the disabled should provide a spare key to their house to any of the nearby neighbors. All emergency health supplies and necessary medicines should be kept within easy reach.

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