Questions About Human Service

10 October 2016

Anyway, the worker is keeping a clear line between boundaries but the client is trying to cross them, and that makes the worker feel uneasy. This is can hinder the workers environment and not want to see the client anymore. However, the client may feel as if the worker is being rude or whatever it may be and the client may not want to see the worker anymore. It is best to state to your client in the beginning that this is a professional relationship and to keep the personal things to a minimum. What do you think the author meant by titling his book about disturbed children, Love Is Not Enough?

I think it means that you cannot help your child’s disorder by just giving them love. As a parent you need to research and get information about their disorder. Do your research on the best doctors, or facilities to take your child too. Get your child the help he or she deserves. The love you have for them will make you want to help them. As a parent, you need to use all the resources you have to help your child live a better life. Why do you think the workers at Sanctuary House state that it is critical to engage the young people in their program before they have been on the streets for too long a period of time?

I think they say this because if you get the young people in the program before they end up the streets for a long time then it is going to help change their mind easier. If the streets are all you have known for most of your life then you are not going to listen to someone who is trying to help you. It take a long time for someone who is on the streets to trust anyone, meaning it would take a long time for leaders to help these young people. Also these young people may not want to change and act out in disrespectful manners. It makes is extremely hard for the leaders to help them if they do not want help.

These young people are so use to doing things on their own, that their independence is their ego. They feel nobody can tell them what to do, they are their own boss and they know what is best for them. What is the difference between sympathy and empathy? Why is empathy so important in the human services? Sympathy is where you feel pity for the person. There is nothing you can do but feel bad for what they are going through because you do not really know the extent of their pain. Empathy is where you can relate to their pain, you put yourself in their shoes.

With empathy, you know how the person generally is feeling. Having empathy in human services will help you have a better relationship with your clients. It will help you feel more connected to them and want you to help them a lot more. There is not always going to be a situations where you can have empathy because you really don’t know what they are going through. However there will be situations where empathy comes into play. If you the worker has been through a situation similar to the clients then helping them will be a little easier because you, yourself have already been through something like it.

How might self-awareness help one to be a better human service worker? Give an example. Self-awareness can better help a human service worker respond better to negative talk. Once you have high levels of self-awareness then you will be able to manage self-talk such as black humor. Black humor is way for human service workers to release stress by taking their clients problems and making them humorous. If you develop self-awareness then you will be able to find better ways to reduce stress and managing your personal needs.

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