Questions on Academic Readiness for College

6 June 2018

The source information provided below includes the necessary components of a journal article that you would need to create a properly formatted PAP in-text citation and reference entry. Use the source information and the journal extract to answer the multiple choice questions below. When you have indicated your answers, follow the directions in the courser to save and submit this document as your completed assignment.Source Information Journal: Educational policy Article: Measuring Academic Readiness for College Authors: Andrew C. Porter and Morgan S.

Foolproof Date: May 2012 Volume, Issue: volume 26, issue 3 Article pages: 394-417 Pages on which the extract appears: 401-402 Extract from Journal Article A second possible complication in defining and measuring college readiness has to do with college major. Certainly, students pursuing different majors need different sets of skills.Thus, depending in part on how readiness is defined, a readiness assessment might need to predict success in different soars, in addition to different institution types. However, constructing an assessment (or multiple assessments) to perform such a task would likely be unfeasible due to the number of potential field-by-institution-type combinations. Still, it would be useful to investigate different readiness standards for success in broad classifications of majors, such as the humanities, social sciences, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.These complications, while making the creation of deadness predictors more challenging in no way diminish the importance of developing such predictors. Rather, the complications lead us to think about ways to develop predictors that can be useful across the wide range of college-going experiences.

Question 1 Which of the following is NOT a correctly formatted PAP in-text citation? (Place as X on the line to indicate your answer. )

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