Queuing system

5 May 2016

In today’s generation, technology has made the man’s everyday life progressive. It contributed great changes not only in human but also in the world. Technology is the application of man’s creative imagination. It serves as the bridge to let people know of the things which they haven’t thought could exist.

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Queuing system
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The automation reduces human intervention of all comfort-producing devices and gadgets are the primary by-product of man’s guest where the ultimate tool is knowledge. Man’s craving for discoveries or inventions with the application of human wisdom are endless and grow even deeper. With the technology nowadays, the proponents decided to develop a Queuing System pre-programmed with the desired information.

It has the capability to display queues, videos and intended message in moving motion and different patterns. Queuing System is a large LCD monitor which displays queues for the counter serving process and important messages from the school admin of Westmead International School.

It will improve and organize the old practice of counter serving that was already used for a very long time in almost all schools and replace the traditional paper leaf announcement bulletin board. News ticker is reliable means in enhancing effective communication for campus events, office messages and general bulletin notices.

Statement of the Problem
The general aim of the proposed study is to design and develop a system that will provide effective and organized queuing process for the students of Westmead International School.

To solve the problems encountered by the students with regards to the process of transactions, the following objectives are formulated to achieve the proposed system.

Specifically, the proponents will aim: 1. To create a network based queuing system using touchscreen technology. 2. To enable the network based queuing system to flash messages, advertisement and four counter-queuing system. 3. To create a system that can generate a report of processed transactions. 4. To create a system that the users can interact with the proposed study through the use a touchscreen technology.

Current State of Technology
The sudden explosion of technology had brought up a big change in the status of companies’ way of making their businesses expand.

They had used the modern technology to promote their company products as well as their company’s motives to contribute to the development of the country’s industry. Success comes into the companies with effective marketing strategies. If a business is having trouble getting customers’ attention, an electronic message board could help to recapture their interest.

While certainly not a new technology, businesses that use electronic bulletin boards in front of their company always look just a bit more up to date than their competitors. Because of the additional costs that go into such a board, of course, they still remain relatively rare.

But their effectiveness cannot be questioned. When well maintained, they can last for many years and will often outpace their analog brethren when it comes to looking fresh and relevant after a long time out in the elements (Walker, 2008).

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