Quiet Storm by Aly & Fila

8 August 2019

To take energy from live sets and implimate the energy back into the studio is a technique that Aly & Fila have mastered. Throughout the past ten years, Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib commonly known as “Aly & Fila” have rose to the top of trance. Quiet Storm is the follow-up album to Rising Sun.

In 2012 at A State of Trance 550 Los Angeles, Fila began premiering some of the earliest forms of Quiet Storm. The first release date for the album was late 2012, but in Aly & Fila’s eyes the album wasn’t complete. Together they went back into the studio for another year. By March 14th the album was ready for release in June.

I was extremely excited for the release of Quiet Storm! The album showcases great collaborations with top names such as Giueseppe Ottaviani, John O’Callghan and Arctic Moon. I felt that Quiet storm took me on a journey because there was a variety of slower paced vocal tracks and then the usual euphoric uplifting tracks.

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The vocal tracks were the most surprising for me in this album. The vocals done by Sue McLaren, Susana, Jaren, Karim and Rafif were brilliantly constructed with melodic melodies and basslines. The vocal tracks, the vocals took the part as the main body of the songs.

Aly & Fila’s Quiet Storm album was an outstanding album that still left me wanting to hear more! I am waiting to hear the next follow-up which I am sure will be great.

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