8 August 2019

From my home town, but brand new to me, Minneapolis’s own Quietdrive’s new release “Deliverance” poses as a pleasant refresher from today’s negativity. The album opens with a powerful, guitar infused pop-punk anthem titled “Believe”. Thrown in the mix is “Birthday”, beginning with an upbeat acoustic guitar sound, turning to a more electric rhythm. Along with “Birthday” are slow jams “Daddy’s little girl”, “Secret”, and “Starbright” touching my emotions without sounding too “emo”. The lead singer, Kevin Truckenmiller showcases his outstanding vocal range, transitioning from an aggressive powerhouse voice, to more soft melodic notes with ease throughout the CD. Their drive to give each listener a moment of peace, a chance to be uplifted, shows through in 13 catchy songs. The over all vibe of the CD is very inspirational; the type of music that encourages listeners to get up and do something. I recommend getting up and buying this great CD.

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