Quincy Jones

1 January 2018

Jar. Name at birth: Quince Delight Jones, Jar. Quince Jones started as a trumpet player, touring with Lionel Hampton In the early 1 sass.

He soon gained a reputation as an arranger and composer, and was leading his own bands by the end of the decade. Since then he has worked as an arranger, composer and producer for some of the greatest performers of swing, jazz, blues and hip-hop, from Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra to Little Richard and Michael Jackson. Nicknamed “Q,” Jones is also a noted composer of film and television scores ho was especially active in the sass and sass.He is the founder of VIBE magazine and Quest Broadcasting and the winner of over two dozen Grammas. Extra credit: Film scores composed by Jones include In the Heat of the Night (1967, starring Sidney Pettier), The Anderson Tapes (1971, starring Sean Concern) and The Getaway (1972, starring Steve Macaque)…

Quincy Jones Essay Example

Joneses arrangement of “Fly Me To The Moon” was the first song played on the moon, during the lunar landing of Nell Armstrong and Buzz Aladdin In 1969. Quince Jones joins (unrelated) country legend Grandpa Jones.

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