7 July 2016

In the United States, employees have broad protections against arbitrary dismissal such that employers must provide a good, business related reason for firing someone. False Businesses’ pursuit of efficiency is usually compatible with its employees’ pursuit of equity and voice in the workplace. False Labor relations systems in other countries tend to follow a neoliberal market ideology, which sees the employment relationship as one in which balance between competing interests must be achieved. False U. S. labor law tries to establish employer needs for efficiency as a priority over employees’ need for equity and voice.

False A collective bargaining agreement negotiated between an employer and its workers is an informal agreement outlining the terms and conditions of employment. False From a societal standpoint, the main purpose of a labor relations system is: To ensure public safety, promote worker voice in politics, and reduce income inequalities that create a tax burden When an employer adopts an employee participation program, such as a workplace safety committee, it is most directly addressing which objective of the employment relationship: Voice

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The official policy of the United States with respect to the employment relationship is to: Encourage employee voice in the employment relationship through unions and collective bargaining In the United States, the concept that employees are entitled to a voice in the workplace because it is consistent with the fundamental doctrine of our political system is known as: industrial democracy Which of the following best summarizes the trends in U. S.

union density since the 1980s? Stable in the public sector and declining in the private sector. Media portrayals of unions refute stereotypes that unions are corrupt, motivated by greed, and protect mostly unproductive and poor employees. False Despite the poor working conditions and low wages, one safeguard that employees had in the early part of the 20th century, was stability in employment because legally employers needed a good reason to fire someone.

False According to the mainstream economics school, the role of the government is to protect individual worker rights through legislation such as minimum wage laws, safety and health laws, and income protection benefits (e. g. , unemployment compensation) False According to the critical industrial relations school, the cause of the labor problem is that the capitalistic class has control over both society’s institutions and the means of production. True

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