Quotation essay

12 December 2017

People don’t realize what they have until It’s gone. When it’s gone, then you realize the importance of what you had. In a specific case in which the possession is a valued item, you tend to realize how much better off you were once you had it. Also, if what the quote was referring to specifically was a person, you sometimes realize you love or miss that person more than you expected to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a death, it could be someone leaving a Job or moving. For example, I had an apple pod.

I didn’t really pay much attention to It.When I lost It, then I realized Its value and Importance to me. This quote is also based on taking every little chance you get. Taking risks could mean something as simple as trying new things. The author, Ben Franklin portrays different meanings throughout the quote which relates to appreciating what you have and taking risks. The water and the “well runs dry’ are two symbols that represent a friend, family member, or possession that Is Important to you. Franklin uses the water to represent the value of that specific person or possession to you.

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The well Is used to symbolize the source of your opportunities. Referring back to what I mentioned about the subject being a person, this loved one could also be the source of your opportunities or education. “Until the well runs dry” could refer to that person leaving and taking an opportunity with them. For example, the water could be a teacher that’s trying to help you get Into a good high school. But, you don’t think you need their help. If that person leaves and moves on, you might not have as good as an opportunity Like you did before when they were helping you.You then start to realize that there help was very important.

Other than being a person, the water could relate to a possession. As I mentioned before, when I lost my pod, I realized its importance. The water and well could symbolize the wealthy versus the poor. In this situation the well, source of opportunities, would be different. Therefore, those two symbols fully symbolize the parting of a loved one, a lost possession, or an Important opportunity up until the The author uses the comparison of the value of water to the well.He does this to explain that people take opportunities as well as other people for granted. With this comparison, the subject must be an individual.

For example, to a friendship situation, a friend could be taken for granted if you assume that he will always be ready to help you out even if you aren’t always ready to help him or her. Another example is an employee could be taken for granted by an employer, who makes no effort (such as raises in pay) to reward the employers long and faithful service. The theme of this quote is appreciation, which is basically similar to the meaning.Another theme that can be analyzed from the quote is taking people for granted. Taken for granted is like when you have something really special or important but you don’t notice it. Also, grabbing opportunities while you can plays a big part in taking things for granted. For example, I wanted to Join the recycling team.

But, I kept stalling and not filling out the paper. As a result, the opportunity passed me by and I could no longer Join. Franklins words personally relate to human experiences. As I stated earlier, I had an pod but didn’t realize how valuable it was to me until I misplaced it.This quote relates to life in different ways. Taking advantage of a parent or teacher is one of these ways. For example, I depend on your mom or dad for almost everything.

If something happens and I’m mad at them, I sometimes wish things you don’t mean. If they unexpectedly leave, I will then realize the importance of their role in my life. Franklins words connect to human experiences in various ways. This quote by Ben Franklin does not only relate to personal experience but also connects to the community + world.It connects to the community because people in community or learning environment could take advantage of a teacher, or appreciate them more when they’re gone. For example, at my dance ministry we have a dance coordinator, Ms. Ferdinand.

Sometimes some of the girls don’t really agree with her decisions. But, if one day she decided to leave the ministry in the hands of someone else, they may not like it. That person may be very different from what we are used to. Another example could be some students hating a teacher. These examples have the same concept.If the teacher leaves they might not like the one hat replaces them. When I was at dream yesterday, a student said “Is Mr.

. Sue, the math teacher, coming back? ” The English teacher answered “Probably not”. The student then went on to say” I like him better than the new teacher”. The class then agreed with him. But, most of the kids in the class didn’t really like Mr.. Sue when he was around.

They then realized that his method of teaching was more understandable than the one we have now. The English teacher then said” you never appreciate the value of water, until the well runs dry.Think about that” I said to her “l m analyzing that quote in ELLA”. Therefore, they learned that they didn’t really appreciate Mr.. Sue until he was gone. Quote written by Benjamin Franklin invite the reader to take a deeper more insightful glance into how possessions and people aren’t appreciated until the realization of their importance or value.

A final example could be that when famous singers die, there music gets even more popular. This quote by Benjamin Franklin portrays meaning with relates to grabbing opportunities, appreciation, and taking things for granted.

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