Rabbit Proof Fence Summary

9 September 2016

Rabbit proof fence An Australian drama movie 2002 Book: “Follow the rabbit proof fence” by Doris Pilkington Garimara. Which is the true story of her mother, Molly. The movie takes place in Western Australia during the 1930? s the story begins in a remote town of Jigalong where three children live with their mother and grandmother. 14 yr old Molly 8 yr old Daisy 10 yr old Gracie The town lies along the rabbit proof fence, which runs for several thousand miles. The “protector” of Western Australia Aborigines A. O. Neville signs an order to relocate these girls to Moore River education camp, were they will grow up

Neville refers the children as “half-castes” because they have one white and one Aboriginal parent. Therefore they must be bred out of existence. After the camp the girls will be servants to white families. Molly, Gracie and Daisy decide to escape the camp and walk home to Jigalong. An Aboriginal tracker, Moodoo is called in to help track down the girls. The girls are trained in disguising their tracks, and receive aid from strangers along the path. Eventually they find the fence. Neville spreads word that Gracie? s mother is in the town of Willuna. The information finds its way to an Aboriginal traveller who helps the girls.

Rabbit Proof Fence Summary Essay Example

Gracie breaks off the group, and in the attempt to catch a train she gets captured and taken away. Molly and Daisy continues, and make it home. Along with their mother and grandmother the sisters hide in the desert. In the end Molly explains that Gracie never returned to Jigalong. And that her two own daughters including herself were taken back to Moore River. Molly managed to escape with one daughter, Annabelle. And once again walked the 2400 km. However, Annabelle was taken away after a short time and Molly never saw her daughter again. I think it’s a good movie with an interesting and sad story. And I think everyone should see it.

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