1 January 2017

Racism has been around for a long time. Dating back to the 17th century and continuing on through the 1960’s, and even into today. It has been a major issue since the colonial and slave era has existed. There were many rules regarding whom could be citizens, who could vote, and who could do what and where. Slavery may have been one of racisms biggest forms but that does not stop it from continuing on today. Far too often people are stereotyped by their skin color, or how they dress and choose to act.

Trayvon Martin is the epitome of these stereotypes at its best; the 17-year-old Florida boy was fatally shot in February because of his clothing… a hooded sweatshirt. Stage One: Racism has been alive in America since it was founded. African-Americans have been the targets of it for most of America’s history. In the 1860’s the Jim Crow laws were passed that required separate facilities for blacks and white in all public institutions. Both sides of the party observed this the blacks and the whites.

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African-Americans asserted the existence and offensiveness of the condition. Millions, even those who are not from our area of the world, have observed Travyon’s case. Everyone has taken offense to this specific case no matter what the skin color. Stage Two: In the past the government claimed that the laws were justified because the blacks were “separate but equal”. Today the law is involved in all sorts of hate crimes and victims of racism. When Travyon was shot many agencies responded, and it is still an on going matter.

They are investigating and looking at both sides while trying to figure out what really went down. Stage Three: The African-American community asserted there claims and demands again, expressing their dissatisfaction with the public facilities the government provided which were always inferior to those provided to whites. Today the African Americans still rebuke the claims that are not fair. Victims of racism do not always get the outcome they are hoping for. Today, Travyon’s shooter remains free because no one “knows” what happened nd there is still no proof of anything. In the eyes of many, and all races, this is unjust and unfair because an innocent man was killed and no justice has been served. Stage Four: In response to the injustice of blacks, organizations known for anti-racist and civil rights activism emerge, such as the NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Colored People). Travyon’s death will be another example in the fight against racism. It has sparked a new passion in the hearts of many which will lead to a bigger movement for justice and equality.

It will only help to catalyze the movement of people who want to act against it and defeat it all together. The future is in are hands. Racism has come a long ways in the last few centuries and at times we thought we had conquered it. Racism is something that has been around for hundreds of years and sadly probably isn’t leaving any time soon unless we do something about it. It may take new faces and change its form but may never totally disappear. It is something that is wrong and unfair and we need to do our best to make it a better place to live.

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