Radiohead – Kid A

7 July 2019

It was called the “weirdest number one album of theyear” by Rolling Stone magazine, has been named the best album of the yearby many major music publications and was nominated for four Grammy Awards (andwon for Best Alternative Music Performance), all without a released single orvideo. It is incredible that an album can receive all that recognition todaywithout MTV or radio coverage, which indicates the strength of Radiohead’s fanbase.

Radiohead’s fourth LP, “Kid A,” entered the chartsworldwide at number one. This album is experimental for Radiohead, as it reliesmore on technology than their previous three albums do. It highlights theinnovative style of the extremely talented Johnny Greenwood, who plays manyinstruments. One of the negatives of this album is that Thom Yorke’s incrediblevoice is not heard enough. But, like earlier albums, it includes slower songs,such as “How To Disappear Completely” and “Motion PictureSoundtrack,” as well as more upbeat ones like “Optimistic” and”Idioteque.” The band even includes a horn section in “TheNational Anthem.”

Radiohead – Kid A Essay Example

I would agree that this is one of the best albumsof the year, but I cannot say it is Radiohead’s best. Although it is great, thisEnglish band has produced better.

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