Rage aganist the Machine by Rage against the Machine

10 October 2019

Rage against the Machine leaves a recognizable title respected by many today as one of the best bands of the Nineties, having had fresh ideas of Anarchy, Thick and Rich drop D tuned guitar lines, and a rapper with a distaste towards the way the United States dwells today.

Their debut album evolved into its state from a previous recorded tape that the band had sold at shows, increasing their local reputation and eventually having them signed to ‘Epic’ Records. With a studio at their disposal, the band took to the scene and put together an amazing album.

Rage aganist the Machine by Rage against the Machine Essay Example

From the memorable chants of, ‘Killing in the Name’, to the Funky head pounding riffs of ‘Township Rebellion’, even to the soft and eerie moans of Tom’s guitar on ‘Settle for Nothing’, the entire album is a win, leaving you wanting more. *I am currently working on their ‘Evil Empire’ Review right now*.

Here’s a break down of each member’s efforts. Zack de la Roacha is an amazing vocalist, and is perhaps the most iconic influence on the album, because of the Song, ‘Killing in the Name’. With lyrics everybody can sing along with, the last minute or so of the song makes the band with the famed lyric, ‘F%#& you, I won’t do what you tell me!!’. Zack too does a great job on the rest of the album, and is quite notable for his technique he uses that incorporates a heavy use of Dynamics- building up from an eerie silence to the point of which He may be screaming words to his full potential (He can be very loud, due to how passionate and angry he is).

Tom Morrello helmed his skills towards what would later become notable as one of the most innovative players of our time, although he took a more traditional approach to his guitar lines and solos on ‘Rage against the Machine’. Even still, great skill can be seen in solos like “Take the Power Back”, “Township Rebellion”, “Settle for Nothing”, and even “Know your enemy”. The opening sequence to ‘Fistful of Steel’ CAN be emulated live, as I’ve seen videos of it, and is very neat- having a motorized, gritty sound that anticipates the even grittier song that follows.

Tim Connerford gets his bass groove on in songs like “Bullet in the Head”, “Take the Power Back” and “Killing in the Name”. And Brad Wilk does a great job as a drummer, with his signature ‘Hit the crash symbol OVER, and OVER’ style that never fails to satisfy.

With meaningful lyrics that can be dark at some times, Zack really made the album what it was, and is. It might be the percussion break in ‘Freedom’, where its singularly Zack speaking the Unforgettable words, “Anger is a gift”, or it might be the awesome raps in ‘Fistful of Steel’, but Zack really does make the album blend perfectly with his band mates.

And so, in my opinion, I must say that I think the album is perfect. Being so diverse, yet so amazing and powerful, its a great debut for a band that was short lived. But nonetheless, it will never be overlooked or forgotten. The band is still popular today among young and Old alike (Hence the old woman -Who I believe was actually Tom Morello’s grandmother- who opened one of their concerts saying, “And now, for the best band in the F—ing universe; Rage against the Machine!!). Simply amazing is all I can say about this album.

Rating; 100/100

Bottom Line; Get this, Now!

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