Railroad Crossings

5 May 2017

Rail road crossings can be very dangerous, lives have been lost because of poor judgment. When coming to a railroad crossing you must first make a complete stop and pay attention to flashing lights and gates lowering also listen for trains if you cant see it you might be able to hear it. You also need to remember that trains cannot swerve to avoid a collision they are connected to the tracks. All the conductors can do is blow their horn and pull the emergency brake! It takes a train up to eighteen football fields to completely stop.

Trains can create optical illusions because they are big and moving at high speeds so they appear to be moving slower than they really are. Did you know that you are forty more times likely to be killed by a moving train than by another moving motor vehicle. This is because there is such a big difference in the weight ratio, it is compared to a car running over a twelve ounce pop can. Most people think that all of the fatalitys occur where there are no automated stopping devices but actually almost fifty percent of these accidents actually happen where igh end technology is present.

Railroad Crossings Essay Example

When you try to outrun a train you are not only putting yourself in danger but also the train crew, your family, and even your community. When a train has to put on their emergency brake quickly it can cause lots of problems and usually ends up with some of the cars being derailed. When a train hits something large such as a bus or diesel truck it can end up in explosions damaging near by buildings and anything in its path. There was one accident where a tanker truck full of gas tried to beat a train and didn’t make it, it resulted in an xplosion and the loss of eleven lives of innocent people waiting in their cars.

Railroad crossings are made to prevent accidents, so do not try to outrun trains. Emergency’s can arise at any crossings at anytime because and engine may stall or your trailer gets hung up because of low clearance. In this type of emergency exit your vehicle quickly and call nine one one(911). Many railroad crossings are equipped with emergency phone numbers and a specific DOT# with your specific location so operators can pinpoint where you are to try to prevent and accident. If his ever happens stay clear from the railroad tracks because trains may not be able to stop in time.

Vandalism is also a big problem there have been accidents caused because of people tampering with railroads. Lifes can also be lost when you are tagging or spray painting on a train. Its also not safe to mess with railroad crossing signs or to take them down. You are also in danger when walking on or nearby railroad tracks when: Jogging using as a shortcut riding atvs or walking your pets. As you can tell railroads are very dangerous so use good Judgment when you are crossing them.

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