Rain Water Harvesting Synopsis

10 October 2016

Kunj Aggarwal * Introduction Rainwater harvesting (RWH) – practiced for more than 4,000 years – in its broadest sense, is a technology used for collecting and storing rainwater for human consumption from rooftops, land surfaces or rock catchments. Rain water harvesting is a mini source water resource project that collects, stores rain water by structural measures, regulates and makes use of it for several purposes.

In general, rain water harvesting refers to collection and storage of natural precipitation aimed at harvesting surface and ground water, prevention of losses through evaporation, seepage and all other hydrological studies and engineering interventions, aimed at conservation and efficient utilization of limited resources of water. Among the various alternative technologies to boost freshwater resources, rainwater harvesting and utilization is a decentralized, environmentally sound solution, which can avoid many environmental problems. Statement of research * AIM * An analysis of rain water harvesting techniques employed in arid regions of Rajasthan. * OBJECTIVE * To obtain and compile, literature concerning the topic.

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* To obtain and compile, the rain water harvesting techniques employed in and around the Bikaner district, via field study. * To compare the effectualness of the practically employed techniques to the theoretical techniques. * To suggest methods to ameliorate the practically employed techniques. * SCOPE Rain water harvesting techniques. * Water harvesting calculations: * Catchment area calculation * Runoff calculation * Water storage capacity needed * Design of storage tank * Design of recharge trench * LIMITATIONS * Observations during all the four seasons, i. e. 12 months, should be made, which would not be possible due to time boundations. * Academic context: * Rain Water Harvesting for Dry lands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster * Strategies for Sustainable Architecture by Paola Sassi

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