3 March 2019

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named -. For -, life was a plastic bag full of distractions and challenges that she had to fight with all her might. She had asthma that always left her struggling for air, yet she was able to inhale the possibilities ahead. She had eczema that made her skin itch to the bone, yet she continued to keep her focus strong and to never give in. She had allergies, which were set off by even the smallest gust of pollen, but even they could not stop her from chasing her goals. With the help of loved ones, she welcomed the challenges and grew stronger each and every day.

I was born in cream colored skin; then the next day, my skin somehow transformed into the color of brown. My life had already begun its course of constant change. My nickname, Rainbow, given by my Grandma due to the fact that my skin bore a new color every other week, soon became my true identity. For as long as I can remember my goals have been changing, my dreams have been random, and my life has been busy in the pursuit of happiness. I’ve gone from being a softball player who wanted to be an artist and stay with my mommy forever, to being a tennis player with the secret dream of going pro and traveling the world, leaving my mom behind.

Rainbow Essay Example

Before I found out what I truly wanted to do with my life, I was on an endless mission to find who I was meant to be. At times I was so distant from reality that the rest of the world became invisible. My mom eventually took me to get my ears and eyes checked because I unknowingly kept ignoring her and bumping into things. My mind was in the future, and my surroundings were surreal; I had better things to worry about and better things to do. Both doctors said there wasn’t anything wrong with me and I was diagnosed as normal. As if. They were completely wrong, because being a Rainbow, I could never be normal. Just like a rainbow has the ability to affect people worldwide, I someday was going to have jaws drop and have the anticipation of my arrival electrify the air.

My colorful persona, which made me take an interest in everything the world had to offer, is what enabled me to find my true destiny in writing. As I grew older I realized that out of all the continual change in my life, writing was the only thing that stayed consistent. From grade school until now, writing has given me an outlet and has enabled me to touch people’s lives. I’m not saying that writing is the only thing that I’m good at; I have many other talents- drawing, quick memorization, athletics and so on- but writing is the only one that allows me to incorporate everything that I enjoy. With writing I have been able to fulfill my goals, to achieve the un-achieved and to become something in this world, like a rainbow bringing color to the sky after a gloomy and rainy day.

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