Rainy Season in the Tropics

2 February 2017

This painting, as well as his other ones, makes you want to step into it and explore that part of the world for yourself.

What drew me to this painting was the halo in the open sky, and as you’re looking at the painting, you’re looking down at the whole valley. You can see the forest, the canon, the misty water fall and the explorers on the trail. To me, it makes me wonder what it would be like, to be exploring that beautiful place. The birds eye view, Frederic Edwin Chuch, gives you just draws you in because you can see the valley as if you are really there. There’s a mixture of gray and dull colors along with a dark green forest.I think the primary concern of the painting would be the misty waterfall and canyon that catches are attention first. Along side of that is the dark green forest with explorers heading off into the unknown of the jungle.

Rainy Season in the Tropics Essay Example

The visual weight of the explorers make the composition of the painting very balanced because they’re wearing shades of red and blue, and surrounding them are dark spots of the forest and vast spaces of the sky and valley. My favorite part of this painting is the Halo. The halo shows the viewers the beauty of nature, and it’s right in the middle. It stretches across the painting connecting the two together.The halo is a curved line, and it shows naturalism which is exactly what this painting is about. The colors of the Halo brings the painting to life. I think that Church is attentive to detail because he added all of the seven colors of the rainbow into a very thin halo and it’s at its brightest in the middle of the rainbow and slowly fades away and blends in with the blue sky.

Just like the dynamic of nature, when you see a rainbow fade away, you just see the beautiful rain out sky. They way he blended the rainbow with the sky and the mist makes it look so realistic and alive with nature.

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