Ralph and Jack, the Two Vastly Different Leaders in “Lord of the Flies” Essay Sample

9 September 2017

In “Lord of the Flies” . Golding has made it rather clear from the beginning of the novel that while both Ralph and Jack have leading abilities their manners and attacks to taking are so different. This will be proven by the manner in which Golding describes their characters. how they react and respond to state of affairss and manage their duties.

Golding in the gap chapter describes Ralph as the tall and handsome one. His magnetic visual aspect and nature makes him a appropriately elected pick as the first leader. Ralph blows the conch to piece the male childs. This is symbolic of his democratic leading manner which seeks to protect the rights of the weak and the voiceless. “But there was hush about Ralph that marked him out: there was his size and attractive visual aspect ; and most obscurely. yet most strongly. there was the conch” ( Chapter 1. page 30 ) . Jack is described in our first brush as tough and dominant.

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He takes control of the choir sharply when he commands them to “Stand still! ” ( Chapter 1. page 27 ) . He is important in his traffics with everyone. He instils fright and uses it to command the male childs. This is apparent when he “snatched his knife out of the sheath and slammed it into a tree. ” ( Chapter 1. page 41 ) . The verbs “snatched” and “slammed” high spots Jack’s brutal and violent nature. He sees no value in assemblies and vote. Therefore Golding contrasts the conch which symbolises democracy used by Ralph and the knife used by Jack which symbolises absolutism.

Ralph’s sort and lovingness nature allows him to be a compassionate and empathic leader. When Jack is non elected as head he is still given a place of authorization and bid by Ralph. “The choir belongs to you. of course” ( Chapter 1. page 31 ) . He spares Ralph’s feelings because he knows that he truly wanted that place. He is really sensible. rational. speculative and organized. “Three of us will travel on an expedition and happen out” ( Chapter 1. page 31 ) and “I’ve got to hold clip to believe things through” ( Chapter 1. page 31 ) . Jack on the other manus is the complete antonym of Ralph. He is chesty and this is shown when he boasts about how he should be main “I ought to be chief” ( Chapter 1. page 29 ) . He is besides aggressive. immoral. rude and Frank. “Shut up. fatty” ( Chapter 1. page 28 ) when he impolitely told Piggy to maintain rather. Jack tends to move on cardinal impulses and non believe things through. “He lowered his mentum and stared at the hints as though he would coerce them to talk to him” ( Chapter 3. page 61 ) .

The manner in which Ralph and Jack handle duty differs greatly. Ralph thinks everything through before he starts and that is why he thought it would be more logical for their first demand to be shelters. “We need shelters” ( Chapter 3. page 65 ) . He besides believes that the fire is their cardinal to deliver. “So long as you and your huntsmans remember the fire-” ( Chapter 3. page 48 ) . Jack on the other manus. feels that runing is more of import because he thinks he needs to turn out himself after he could non kill the first clip. “All you can speak about is pig. hog. hog! ” ( Chapter 3. page 68 ) .

The manner in which the male childs handle the intelligence about a “beastie” high spots their different characters. Ralph tries to maintain everyone composure and reassure them that was no such thing. “But there isn’t a beastie” ( Chapter 2. page 47 ) . Jack used their fright to do himself more popular as he makes himself seem like their defender. “Ralph’s right of class. There isn’t a snake-thing. But if there was a snake we’d Hunt it and kill it. ” ( Chapter 2. page 48 ) . Something else that sets them apart is how they handle Simon’s decease. Ralph is ashamed of himself and although he seems to seek and understate his guilt T he still feels partially responsible. “That was murder” ( Chapter 10. page 193 ) . He has a scruples. Jack nevertheless uses the decease to his advantage and makes it look that Simon was the beastie and it was good that they had killed him. “-and so ; the animal might seek and come in. You retrieve how he crawled-” ( Chapter 10. page 197 ) . He has no consciences when he tries to rationalize why Piggy has been killed.

This essay sums up the differences in both the characters of Jack and Ralph in the manner that they treat others. the manner they lead and how they take on their duties.

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