Rancid – … And Out Come the Wolves

9 September 2019

In1995, Rancid released their third album, “… And Out Come theWolves.” Rancid is a Bay Area punk/ska band formed in the early?s. After a struggling debut and a smash sophomore album, Rancidfinally released an album to bring them to the forefront of the punkscene.

There are three reasons why this album is a masterpiece ofmusical artistry. First, Rancid has an unbelievable front man, TimArmstrong. With his unmistakable voice and uncontrollable energy, he isclearly the heart and soul of the band. He combines his musical and songwriting abilities to produce a superb record.

Secondly, the albumis packed with awesome songs. “Roots Radical,” “TimeBomb” and “Ruby Soho” are energizing punk hits.”Journey to the End of the East Bay” and “War’s End”will jump-start your senses and urge you to mosh without control.Finally, the crunch, punk sound on this album is excellent. The soundwill cut through your stereo and leave you in a spellbound punkeuphoria.

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This hardcore sound makes Rancid one of the best punk bandstoday.

Rancid’s “… And Out Come the Wolves” is anoutstanding album that should be purchased by everyone.

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