1 January 2017

Document submission should be done as soon as possible after submitting online application because: ? This will give you enough time to ensure that your supporting documents are complete. If you have missing documents, the counter staff will advise you on the additional documents required and request you to submit again. Incomplete submissions will not be processed. ? You can avoid long waiting time to get your documents checked. When and how to check application status? You may check the outcome of your application from 1 June ‘12 via: ? yNYP portal, go to “Financial Assistance Application” ? the bursary hotline at 6550 0056 For those eligible for CDC/CCC-Polytechnic Bursary Your community centre/club will inform you when the cheque is ready for collection. To check your relevant community centre/club, go to the website of People’s Association (http://www. pa. gov. sg/) and key in your postal code under “Connect to my Community”. It is important that your personal particulars are updated with the Polytechnic. Please proceed by logging in with Admission No. nd PIN at myNYP Portal => Personal Information => Update Particulars. For those eligible for MOE Bursary If students have a GIRO account with the Polytechnic, the amount will be deposited into that account. Otherwise, a cheque will be sent to you. Please note that the bursary will be used to offset any outstanding course fee before paying the balance to the students.

Early submission will ensure a smoother processing of your application. a. Identification Documents Family Copy of NRIC (NRIC should show same address as student) *to replace with birth certificate if the family member has not reached the age to register for an identity card Immediate Members b. Income Documents of family members in the same household Salary slip / letter from employer (issued from Mar ‘12 onwards) stating current GROSS salary Latest copy of Income Tax Notice of Assessment PLUS *Self-Declaration Letter

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Employed Parents / Siblings Self-employed Parents / Siblings Employed Parents who are unable CPF Statement for contribution history(for the past 3 months i. e. to provide any abovementioned Jan – Mar ‘12) PLUS *Self-Declaration Letter income documents Unemployed or retrenched Parents / Siblings (including housewife and retiree) Student CPF Statement for contribution history (for the past 3 months i. e. Jan – Mar ‘12) PLUS Retrenchment Letter where applicable Student Pass *Self-Declaration Letter must be dated and include name, signature, NRIC no.

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