Rap and Women

12 December 2017

Rap Music and Females Rap music over time really has started to downgrade females. In the rap world, women are Just accessories to the male rappers.

Many females don’t pay attention to the lyrics, but to the beat of the song. If they were to listen to the lyrics, they would realize how degrading it Is. Women should be respected more instead of called out of their name. The younger artists are more degrading which causes younger children to start treating females in ways they shouldn’t.Today, It Is more common to hear such ritual, degrading lyrics. Rap Is the most Influential power of hip-hop culture. The fact that It encourages disrespecting women Is concerning.

It makes the future look Like It’s going to have a bad outcome. Big record companies have little Incentive to renewed calls for a ban on lyrics that degrade women and blacks. “We must deal with the fact that “ho” and the b-word are words that are wrong from nobody’s lips,” the Rev. AY Sheraton said after CBS fired radio host Don Emus over his remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.But words that are demeaning to women and blacks litter six of Billboard’s Top 10 rap singles – suggesting that listeners do not share his sentiments. The explicit song “This Is Why I’m Hot,” by the Washington Heights rapper Aims, was the No. L Pop hit for several weeks running.

The song, which freely uses the b-word when referring to women, has been downloaded 853,000 times, according to Nielsen Sounds, which tracks music sales.

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