Rap Music on Teens

3 March 2018

These will be copied by many teens who think that everyone talks like that in real life. Most rap artists always use the wrong term and too many rude words which display impropriety and demean the language. Therefore, children might be confused by those words and if they still continue talking like the way in rap song, they might be considered as an uneducated or unintelligible person. There is also an example of Dadaism, Thai rapper, was arrested for producing the pornographic media because of his song called “squeak turn maim” which is extremely famous among party lovers but contained lot of rude words and referred to many Thai officers .

In addition, this type of music often use wrong grammatically words. “It don’t matted’ one of the famous Son’s song is an examples. It is possible for children listening continuously get used to them and finally become a habit. Last but not least, adolescences may not realize that rap music can lead them to become antisocial person. Most rap song reveal the truth of life, people, etc. Depend on individual experience but sometimes it presents too many dark sides of people. There are many songs that discussed about pregnancy, divorce, avenge, battery, etc.

Although rap is a cultural identity and political expression form of music, it is often used clear and depreciable lyrics which can harm adolescences. This attitude of rap music can also expand the gap between teens and adult and also push violence and anger. Adults who listened to this type of music might believe that the songs present teenagers’ though. Teens may choose to avoid socializing with adult and become troubled person. Furthermore, rap music gives a lot of negative attitudes toward social like in Brainless song called “anti-social” which is contained his active view toward people and social.Children may assume that real life is just like in the song and become pessimistic person. To summarize, general people may think that listening to rap music might not be harmful to teenagers but actually it is.

Increasing bad behavior, misunderstanding of word and becoming an antagonistic person are some drawbacks that this popular music style can cause to teenagers. In my opinion, children who listen to rap music should realize that it can cause a lot of disadvantages. However, I believe that rap music can give some benefits if children can distinguish and apply properly.

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