8 August 2019

When 2Pac came on the scene in 1987 he created amazing excitement in the music world. Everyone was jealous because he had an amazing talent. Sadly he died on September Friday the 13 at age 21. 2pac was the best rapper and he also inspired a lot of people, Biggie Smalls was one of them. 2Pac was born in 1979 at East Coast but then he move to L.A but that’s when he had thought that Biggie Smalls was trying to kill him but before that they were good friends but when he got in the spot light the friendship went down cause he had heard his songs and heard that he had copy his lyrics from his new album so he had to change the whole thing over.

Before all that he was the greatest rapper who ever lived. Some people say he is still alive but that’s another story. Like I said he inspired a lot of people Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs and lots of other good rappers. Overall of them he was the most famous and the Greatest Rapper.

Notorious B.I.G also known as Biggie Smalls was also a good rapper, the third best because Eminem was the second and you all know who was the first 2Pac.Biggie’s mom grew up in Jamaica where it was safe to cross the street leaving your doors door open it was just a prefect neighborhood where they move wasn’t the same cause Brooklyn you see people selling drugs and other bad things. Biggie Smalls had a though life his Father talked out on them and when he was like 17 teen I got addicted selling drugs and have had to support his family so that’s another reason he did it, But sometimes when he gets bored he raps battles for fun. Soon he had gotten an opportunity to make music with Bad Boy recorders cause they wanted something new to rap. Before all of this it could of change because he had gotten caught selling drugs and he had a gun on him so he had to ditch it. He and his friend D Rock gotten caught and they had to deiced who will spend time in jail for six years, but his friend took the fall because he had a family to take care of. After that he was done dealing drugs, he wanted to be a rapper already so they gave him a chance and soon he had become famous. He rap about his life how bad it was but all of that fame went crushing down cause people were doing threats about him not leaving L.A alive but soon came true after leaving an L.A party he was shot several time and die. After that music wasn’t the same but people remember him as Notorious B.I.G or Biggie Smalls or also his real name Christopher Wallace.

Overall they change the music world forever they were big time legends. It was just a war between East vs. West that needed to end and Biggie Smalls should’ve deal with it sooner but soon die. Once I heard there songs I study on there lyrics witch talk about there life how they live and die, also there ghetto life styles. Witch gives me reason to believe that 2Pac may still be living in hiding. Even today new rap artist are inspired by the legend of 2Pac world wide.

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