Rape: Nature vs. Nurture

4 April 2015
Examines perpetrator’s predisposition to rape. Types (power, anger, sadistic), biogenetic & psychosocial forces, alcohol, role of perceptions & cognitions.

Forcible rapes continue to occur at a rate of 1.3 per minute (Olsen-Rando, 1993). In this regard, approximately 120,000 women are raped in America every year with most victims knowing the rapist. The importance of understanding the underlying dynamics leading to sexually aggressive behavior cannot be overestimated.

Rape: Nature vs. Nurture Essay Example

What cannot be denied is the fact that rape is a distinctly male phenomena. However, the question can be asked as to what factors predispose a male to commit rape; are these determinants biogenetic or psychosocial? The purpose of this report is to examine the literature on predisposing factors to the commission of rape in an effort to examine the phenomenon in terms of the nature/nurture framework. The review begins with a brief…

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