Rapping and Eminem

12 December 2017

Amine Is my favorite singer and rapper.

My favorite song is “The Real Slim Shady. ” I like Amine because he writes about his life, he writes his own songs, and he inspires me to do things in life. Inspires me and many other people In the world. First, I like how Amine raps about his life. He usually writes about his daughter. He sometimes writes what happens in his life. Also Amine wrote about why he stopped Singing and rapping.

He stopped because his daughter wanted to spend more time with him. Amine loves his daughter. That is Just my first reason. Secondly, I Like how he writes his own songs. In his songs he does not repeat the same thing over and over again. In a kind of way his songs tell me how he feels by how he uses the words in his songs. Also how his songs do not end so fast.

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It is not like a one minute song, It Is like a three to four minutes long. That way I do not have to keep beating the song over and over to listen to it.Finally, he Inspires people to do things in life. He inspired me by wanting to be a rapper because I want to be famous Like him. He Inspired my cousin to write songs and to Join Chorus because of how he writes about his life. Amine might of inspired many other people to. Amine Is and always will be the best rapper.

Because he writes songs about this life, he writes his own songs, and how his songs inspire people to do things in life. That is why I like Amine.

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