Rascal Flatts – Rascal Flatts

9 September 2019

A few weeks ago I purchased the self-titled album “Rascal Flatts.” Thiswell-known country trio has been heard on radio stations across the country,which is how I learned about them. There are a lot of good songs, including:”Everyday Love,” “While You Loved Me,” “One GoodLove,” and “It’s Not Just Me.”

I had never heard most ofthe songs before I bought the CD, but I soon began to like them, too.

Thegroup has great pizzazz and brings a different beat to the country-music scene.Another good aspect is that they aren’t depressing like many country artists.I’ll admit some of their songs are depressing, but even those soundgood.

One of my favorites is “While You Loved Me,” which is amore traditional country song, but not boring. It starts out slowly and works itsway into a good beat. Another great song is “One Good Love,” which Ilike because it has more of a bluegrass feel.

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It also has some great guitarduets. It may start out simple, but it works its way into a nice littleparty.

If you want to diversify your CD collection, I think you will enjoythe self-entitled CD by Rascal Flatts.

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