Rat Race

1 January 2020

Think for a moment back to when you were eight or nine. What did you want to be? A policeman, a nurse, or a doctor? Surely not a rock star. But there were three boys who had those unusual expectations. They wanted to play music. And that was all they wanted to do when they grew up. Those boys were bassist Idzi, drummer John Allen, and guitarist Nicki Kay, who formed their first band in grade school. Now members of Child’s Play, the band is rounded off by strong vocalist Brian Jack, who joined in 1983. Their signing to a major record label, Chrysalis, was well deserved. They’ve come a long way and it shows in their debut album, “Rat Race.” The songs are bluesy and hard rockin’ with lots of pure energy. Tunes include their first single “Rat Race,” “Day After Night,” “Girl Like You,” and the fabulous song entitled “Wind.” One of the best albums I’ve heard all year, I recommend getting their debut album as well as checking out their video With great songs as well as great faces, these dudes are sure to go far and inspire some young rockers themselves.HHHH n

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