Rated R by Rihanna

7 July 2019

“I lick the gun when I’m done because I know that revenge is sweet. So sweet.” Those are the powerful words that suck you into Rihanna’s new CD, “Rated R.” This album features Rihanna’s usually sweet, exciting voice filled with rage and pity. Some say her breakup with boyfriend Chris Brown had a lot to do with it, but I think it was just time to see a deeper, more ghetto side of her.

“Rated R” has a lot of variety, from songs like “Fire Bomb” and “Rockstar 101,” with its loud electric guitar solos and fast beat, to “The Last Song,” with sad lyrics and her soothing voice that makes you put the song on repeat and wonder if it really is the last song.

Rated R by Rihanna Essay Example

Rihanna sings with many people on this album, including Jeezy, Slash, and Will.i.am. She sings a lot about being used and abused. In “Wait Your Turn” she demands to be treated with respect, and “Stupid in Love” describes how she still loves him, but he’s hurting her so it can’t work: “This is stupid. I’m not stupid. Don’t talk to me like I’m stupid. I still love you but I just can’t do this ….”

One of the worst songs on the album is “Te Amo.” It is about her and another girl dancing. It has absolutely no depth. It’s like she is singing about an inside joke. “Hard” (with Jeezy) is one of the best tracks and is about her staying hard and getting over Chris.

No matter what you think of Rihanna, “Rated R” is one of her best albums. It proves that she is a real person with real things happening to her, and that she’s not perfect.

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