Rated R- Russian Roulette by Rhianna

8 August 2019

Russian Roulette is telling a story of Rihanna who must play against a experienced Russian roulette player to pass a sort of self test. The plot of this song sounds like Rihanna is in a room and they begin to play Russian Roulette. As she is singing it eventually becomes her turn but she will not walk away because she wants to pass some test. She explains that the guy who she is playing with has never lost because he is there playing with her and she has never played before. In this song Rihanna is very nervous it seems like and she is trying to find some way to get rid of the nerves. She trys closing her eyes and taking a deep breath but she can’t deny the fact that if she loses, she dies. Some of the details in this song that make it more meaningful is the background beat and the darkness and tone that Rihanna sings with makes the song better than it would be with some other beat.

My opinions of this song are I really like it and enjoy the emotion that Rhianna puts into it. I think that this song is very powerful with the words and it makes people want to listen to it. In conclusion Russian Roulette is a very well written and powerful song which is a great piece by Rhianna.

Rated R- Russian Roulette by Rhianna Essay Example

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