Rationale, Treatment, Objectives

2 February 2017

The group has decided to teach this age group because the group believes that in this age group, the minds of the children are still very curious and retention can be increased because of their curious nature. The group has seen this topic as an important lesson to tech to children because we are human being and we need to know what is going on in our body. So we can understand what we need to eat and what is harmful to our body. We also need to know the process and we need to know how can we keep our body healthy.

The group has also decided that the medium to be used for this project will be the E-Module, because it has the capacity of stimulating more than one sense of the body (hearing and sight). As discussed in previous lessons in DEVC 40, the more senses we stimulate, the more information is retained. Also, the E-Module format is more participatory, making the learner a part of the learning process. It is an interactive format, meaning learner participation is a must to proceed.It also makes learning more fun for the learner, therefore encouraging the participants to learn and get more out of the module. So this module can be very useful especially to the slow learners. They can learn while enjoying and as we all know, kids like colorful things and interactive type of learning rather than mere lecture.

Rationale, Treatment, Objectives Essay Example

Finally, given the right hardware, the E-Module is accessible any since it can be put in a CD or it can be uploaded to the internet.This means the material can be viewed by anyone with a computer, or with anyone who has a connection to the internet. Treatment: The E-Module will be done using google chrome browser because it is an instant flash player. The E-Module will have a home page where the Digestive system is displayed. Links will then be displayed in one of the sides of the screen, probably on the top or the left side. These links will specify the topics that are to be discussed within the lesson.When the learner clicks on a link, he will be navigated to a page where the introduction to the topic is shown.

To proceed, the student must click on the arrow next link. At the end of each sub-lesson, a brief summary will be presented. After this, the student will be given the option of continuing with the “normal” flow of the lesson or go back to the home page to choose a topic that the learner wishes to take or just continue clicking on the next tab until the final lesson is reached.At the games section, there will be games and one of it will serve as quiz. The quiz will be a traditional question and answer type or a game. At the end of the module, credits will be shown. Objectives: After viewing the E-Module, the participants must be able to perform the following: a.

State at least four parts of the digestive system and its function. b. Explain in at least two sentences on digestion process. c. Identify at least six correct answers on quiz.

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