Raymond Carver: A Small Good Thing

4 April 2015
An analysis of his novel “A Small Good Thing” and contributions to the literary world.

This paper discusses the influence of Raymond Carver on the American Literature and also studies his work “A small Good Thing” in the light of the criticism made against his writing style. Raymond was a major influence on the literary circle in the 1970s and it was when he shot to fame wit his wonderful short stories.
“Raymond Carver is known as one of the most influential writers in contemporary American literature because of his simple style f writing, use of informal everyday language and smooth flow. The writer shot to fame with his short stories, which were set in modern day America, there were no high profile personalities in his works; the people and their lifestyles were that of an average American. (Claire Dederer, 2001) The issues Carver talked about were so downright simple and the titles so amazingly colloquial that the reader is often left with a feeling of awe. Raymond was praised by many and criticized by some, but none can deny that he had a major influence on the literary circles in 1970s.”
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