Raymond V Raymond by Usher

10 October 2019

One of Usher’s latest albums, Raymond V Raymond, has a very diverse and entertaining form of music. Inspired by his divorce with Tameka Foster, Raymond V Raymond is said to be not about his marriage, but “about the tug-of-war between man and woman, and the honesty a man has to have,” according to Usher. Raymond V Raymond was a way for Usher to “get his swagger back,” says Jive Records urban music president and album executive producer Mark Pitts. Usher’s divorce may have given him a new light, and some new tunes for us to enjoy.
The album starts off with “Monstar,” a song beginning with Usher saying that all stories have truth. The song then has a very soft background music filled with a gentle beat that gets louder and a small amount of piano as well as guitar. A woman and man speak slowly as well, the words partially distorted. Usher then comes in singing to a girl, saying he will be there for her if she needs him. Fitting with the theme of man and women, yes? “Lil’ Freak featuring Nikki Minaj” would be another of Usher’s more popular songs on Raymond V Raymond. Starting out with a strong beat and some wind instruments, the song is still Usher talking to a girl at a bar. Not recommended for kids, as the song has more than a couple curses. By far Usher’s most popular song on Raymond V Raymond, “OMG” starts out with an auto tuned piano, auto tuned Usher, and cheering fans in the background. He’s once again talking to a girl, still fitting with his theme, and telling her he loves her multiple times. It stays with the auto tuned piano and adds in a consistent beat, as well as some mock-claps here and there.
Usher’s new album can be compared to hip-hop singer, Ne-Yo’s album, Libra Scale. The most popular song on his album is “Champagne Life,” a song beginng with the same three note piano tune, replayed. It also has a strong beat, just the two main instruments, similar to many of Usher’s songs. Ne-Yo sings of how his life is simple and great, very optimistic. “One in a Million” starts with a bongo-type beat and some jingling bells, different than something Usher would do by a long shot. Similar to Usher though, he sings to a girl about how she’s unique, virtually “One in a Million.”
Much like Pitts said, Usher has gotten his swagger back with this album. He doesn’t sound like a whiny boy pitying himself over his divorce, he very much sounds like he’s well and over it. Usher may not be everyone’s favorite, but he is definitely a great artist with a way with music. His songs feature many forms of music you wouldn’t typically hear in a hip-hop genre, such as trumpets, clarinets and similar instruments. It has different types of drum beats as well, something you may hear in other types of music within this genre, but still makes it unique. Usher’s new album definitely has a new sound.

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