Reaction from the movie FROZEN

8 August 2016

“Frozen” was one of my favorite movies so far in my teenage life. It remains to be different from other movies that I had watched. Yes, most Disney movies are almost all about love, love and love for opposite genders but this movie is really not. I mean, it is about love but a kind of love that everyone else can ever be satisfied. This is about the love of a family specifically, the love a sister to another sister and this is what makes this kind of movie different from the rest. In this movie, I honestly became inspired not to crave for any boy and girl relationships.

Actually, I never had one yet and do not plan to have one. It tells me that the love coming from my family is already enough for a teenager like me unless I became adult and can’t resist being in love in a person who I will think I am ready to get committed. Since I am referring to a love coming from my family or from my own sister, I will stick to this. Even the soundtracks of this movie made me say “I can relate in every lyrics sang. “ I can say that this movie really stroked me based on what also happened to my sister and I a year ago.

Reaction from the movie FROZEN Essay Example

They said, it is normal to have fights with your siblings because we can never get away from problems and that became part of our lives. What happened was my sister and I had one fight that really changes everything about us. This is a kind of confidential story but I am willing to share a little. We grew up in different walls, I lived with my aunt since our mom left us and she lived with my grandmother for almost three to five years and went back to us when she reached sixth grade. Our house is not too far from the house where my grandmother lives.

It was just like eight houses away from our house and we were just like neighbors. It’s just that sometimes during weekends; they are going to our house in the province. Everything was fine between us. We can still meet because were in the same school. The only thing that was different that time was our treatment of discipline. I was disciplined by my aunt and she was spoiled by my grandmother. Time came when she reached the sixth grade and she was with us already. She was okay and we are really in good vibes.

Our fight was not just a fight or a normal fight of a sisterhood. Well, it was my fault of doing something like scold her and made her slept at the house of the Sisters of our school. Yes, she did not go home that time and yes, I was guilty of doing it. I tried sending her messages and apologies just to make her go home. I am guilty of scolding her and afraid what might happened to her. The next day came and I was the one who fetched her from the house of the Sisters. I confessed everything and made apologies to her.

It took a lot of days for us to recover because when she went home, she was also scolded again by some people in our house which made me felt very guilty, afraid, and scared and a lot more synonyms of guilt. I was so sorry even I know she also had mistakes of not coming home but in my mind, I blamed myself. She also made apologies to me as I did and became friends or let say more than friends because we are sisters and even people will make our world upside down, we are still sisters. We shared love for each other and bonded a lot more and covered up the things we missed. This is why and how the movie “Frozen” stroked me.

There was a part of the song “Do you wanna build a snowman? ” that says “We only have each other, just you and me. What are we gonna do? ” which really made me remembered everything. We don’t have our real parents with anymore so we only have each other whose going to be with each other no matter what. The story of “Frozen” is also about looking for a true love but it was the love of a sister to her sister that was true. We have to value and appreciate everything that our sister or even our brother is doing for us especially in our family’s case because at the very end, it will be just my sister and I.

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