Reaction Paper

1 January 2017

Well, for me I cannot blame these people and they are not being pessimistic because what they only want is to have an assurance of a better and long term future based from the decisions that our government is making. I am not against K to 12 because I believe that it will be a benefit for me since I will be a teacher next year. But I would also like to clarify some programs under K to 12 that create confusion to the people. One of the essential components of K to 12 is the implementation of Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE) in which the first language will be the medium of instruction from Kinder up to Grade 3.

I am certain that this MTBMLE is also beneficial. Studies show that students learn better when taught in their native language than in a foreign tongue. Through the use of the mother tongue, it will develop their reasoning skills and higher thinking skills of the students.

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Pupils can easily express their different views and ideas during class discussion. Further, students will understand their lessons better; at the same time infuse a sense of nationalism and they will also gain fluency in their L1.

Now, after stating the advantages, what about the disadvantages? The implementation of MTBMLE will demand more time to translate books into different dialects knowing that Tagalog is not the only dialect that Filipino people speak. We should consider the truth that having a single language that everyone could speak and understand is better than having several dialects that no one could understand. Also, we should remember that we are not a homogeneous country after all so we can’t always apply the same logic as the other countries have.

And to minimize the complications, better stick to a single decision that will make the students productive individuals and not the victims of the wrong choices. The government should be more careful to their decisions to avoid the Filipinos from being stuck in the middle. Reyes, Jeneth K. BSED- English Reaction Paper No. 15 Schools as burden to society There are countless problems that our country is facing right now but I never thought that schools could be one of the burdens.

All I know is that there are issues in education but not in the role of schools in our society. From the article that I’ve read, I was awakened by the sad truth that schools are becoming a heavy weight to the citizens. Supposedly, schools are essential to laying the foundation for the transformation of the society but now they are becoming the dilemmas- both the public and private schools. The public schools are turning to be the victims of the circumstance due to the large population in a classroom and a sea of paper works to finish.

They are trapped in the traditional method of writing notes on the board for learners to copy and memorize and disciplining their advisory class instead of being part of the school committees and leading extra-curricular activities. On the other hand, private schools still lack the quality of education though they have lesser number of students than the usual classroom population. Achievement reports are not positively dominated by private schools. And the school administration has poor monitoring system and ineffective practice.

I guess we have to remind ourselves and our teachers about the role that each one of us should play. Public and private schools should give what is due to the students and schools must go back to their original purpose of transforming the society to a better one. All of us should share with the burden of the society and not be a part of or additional to it. Reyes, Jeneth K. BSED- English Reaction Paper No. 14 Teaching the Teacher’s Boss Learning doesn’t end as long as we are hungry for it. If a person is educated nough and has gained several achievements in life, he may think that he knows everything and no longer needs the ideas of others. But the truth is, an educated man continues to seek for knowledge and new learning. As the world rotates, there also go the changes, improvements and developments in the environment that we need to adapt and embrace. Teachers are one of the most essential parts of the society. They have the responsibility to teach and impart knowledge to the individuals to be able to learn and acquire wisdom.

But if these teachers are the ones teaching, then do they still need to be taught? Definitely yes! Based from the article, it says that teachers and even the school officials should be open to learning something different from what they already know. Thus, the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) is invented. The Academy gives its participants technical assistance on mentoring and coaching then evaluate their performance by monitoring their utilization of learning. Through this program, it will make the school heads more productive, committed, self-reliant and passionate.

It will also expose the minds of the school leaders to such necessary changes and create better vision for the school and the students. And because of this, the quality of education that our school is providing will be improved. For me, NEAP is certainly beneficial. It gives me the idea that the word ‘improvement’ is limitless because people aren’t perfect. No matter how we think highly of ourselves because of our accomplishments in life, still we have so many things to learn and we should never stop seeking for it.

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