Reaction Paper

7 July 2016

This semester I enrolled in Speech1017 instructed by Professor Canuto. During my time in the class I have learned the functions of communication, models of communication, misconception of communication, and human communication. This class is very informative; each day there’s a new lesson about communication, how communication affects who you interact with, your culture, and how other ethnicity communicate with each other. But the lesson that has been a favorite of mine is Chapter 2 – The changing world of communication. Chapter 2 described how communication evolved through the centuries and how technology also evolved with communication.

Professor Canuto would show video clips that relate to the topic, if there is a statistic she would have a video relating to the statistic that makes lesson worth listening to. There was a lesson explaining how communicating went from face-to-face communicating to texting. I could relate to the topic because I fear talking to anyone I do not know, but if could get any girl number and randomly text them I’ll do that any day, because it seems like when talking face-to-face with someone you don’t know, you think insecure thoughts about yourself how you look, how you speak to that person, constantly thinking if he/she doesn’t like you.

Reaction Paper Essay Example

Professor Canuto can relate to the students within the class she is young so the events that happens in a young adults daily life. In Chapter 2 the Professor explains how communication is diverse different parts of the U. S. contains Americans who communicate the same but when another American foreign to that part of the U. S. will be in confusion not only in communication, in how they dress and different phrases they use in their vocabulary would be foreign to another person from outside their region but they all live within the same country. I believe that the class needs no changes the Professor teaches at a peace that every student can follow along to.

Professor Canuto is always happy but that’s needed because the morning can make you look dead but her optimism helps ease the depression. Speech has become important to me, learning the origins of communication answers questions that are asked every day. I’m looking forward to actually speaking reading speeches improving speaking in front of people killing my glossophobia. Speech has never been a big factor in my life I didn’t really knew what the subject was about but Professor Canuto explains thoroughly every segment in each lesson given.

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