Reaction Paper

6 June 2017

Reaction Paper On The Ice is an engrossing and suspenseful movie about two teenage boys. The boys grew up together in the town of Barrow, Alaska. One morning the boys (Qalli and Aivaaq) set out for a seal hunt with a friend dames). An argument took place that ended up in a tragic accident. The boys (Qalli and Aivaaq) promised to keep this a secret. The community began asking questions, which brought them telling one fabrication after another which lead to feeling more guilt. Qalli had more guilt because of the lie he was telling to his family and friends and the lie he was keeping rom Aivaaq.

On The Ice fits into the study of Psychology because of the cultural and environmental influences and the drug and alcohol abuse which affect the Neurotransmitters of the brain. Aivaaq lived his life around alcoholism, with his mother’s alcohol abuse and the drinking and abusing drugs with his friends. He appeared to live his life with anger and animosity towards his mother. During the argument between Aivaaq and James they both appeared to be high on drugs, which then led to the fght. Psychological Behavior in the movie was the Addictive Behavior with the drug and lcohol abuse by Aivaaq and his mom.

A Lying Behavior by Qalli and Aivaaq not telling the truth about James dieing and the truth that Qalli is keeping from Aivaaq. Their was Emotional Behavior present with Qalli and Aivaaq. Their emotions caused them to take actions they normally would not have taken, such as the fght that happened that lead to the tragic accident. It appears that Physical and Psychological plays a part in Emotional Behavior. The actions and behavior became worse as the lies kept continuing. The boys were emotional, scared, and depressed.

They seen family and friends hurting and seeking for the answer on how the tragic accident happened. James’s girlfriend was feeling guilt because she broke up with him the night before. Qalli’s dad Egasak was investigating the death of James as he was on the search and rescue team. Egasak found James’s body and took the boys to him, at that time he and Aivaaq found that Qalli is who killed James. Qalli had a choice to make, bring James back or drown him. Qalli’s choice was to take James back to his family.

Aivaaq’s behavior and emotions scaladed with Qalli as he made the choice to take James back and take the blame for the death of James. The developmental issues was the behavior of Qalli and Aivaaq, which could stem from their social environment, social context, and cognitive development in the area of moral understanding. I believe that Aivaaq had childhood trauma growing up. His mom having an alcohol problem and it appeared he did not have his dad around due to dieing of alcoholism. When watching the movie, I felt hurt for the boys.

Such a tragic accident, not oming forward and living a lie and seeing the family hurt because they were to scared to tell the truth. I couldn’t imagine being in their shoes. On The Ice definitely brain works in such a tragic accident as it was. What in the brain would cause them to lie and hurt others? How the emotional and behavioral aspects work with the brain in a tragic accident and a non tragic accident? Does it work different on or off drugs and alcohol, and how? Since being in the Psychology class, I paid closer attention to the psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues within the movie On The Ice.

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