Reaction paper

7 July 2016

The alternative class I attended discussed about the 2014 Biggest Tourism Business Trends (Job and business Opportunities). Our speaker was Sir Dondi C. Ocampo a really good speaker. He talked about what are the job opportunities that wait us after we graduated in college. He pointed out that we choose the best course because as he said that starting this year tourism industry is one of the in demand job not only in the Philippines but worldwide. He also assured us that tourism industry also is one of the major industries that will never be affected by economic downfall because tourism has many services to offer.

“Tourism is all about service” that is the phrase that he keeps on repeating and clarify us, that are why he said there are many ways or many jobs opportunities that awaits us. Tourism is not all about being a flight attendant, a tour guide and those in the travel agency just like we thought but tourism cover a large variety of job opportunities because it’s all about service. And for the tourism fresh graduates because not all of them will immediately get a job he also taught us of what are the beginning points while waiting for the right job.

Reaction paper Essay Example

He said that we only have to be more innovative and remove that “hindi na pwede” attitude on the other hand change it with the “pwedi” attitude. He talked the Brain Gain (Talent Infusion into Manila) which is there are many Filipinos trained abroad coming back to Manila to setup businesses, or foreign talents relocating to Manila to make a difference in the Asian market. He said that this is now the time to learn a new skill to increase our competitiveness, to network and tie-up with foreign talents or start a new business.

Next is the ASEAN Integration (Education, ICT, Agriculture, and Tourism) whish he also mentioned in regard of this the action needed is we start to remove the physical country barrier of “just the Philippines” in our mind and think more South East Asian and Global and we try to benchmark business with other businesses in ASEAN. He also gave a scenario about the Unbearable Traffic in the Philippines and he said that we have to think if what are the best businesses or services out of this big problem in our country. With the increase in traffic wouldn’t you want to just shop online?

Here comes the E-Commerce Roar (as Internet/Mobile Penetration reaches 50%). This is the best time to start online store project where we still have that wild, Wild West landscape. As he said E-Commerce revolution in Manila starts now in 2014. Then “The Battle for the Filipino Palate” because the Filipino Palate now is getting more educated with the introduction of the different restaurant concepts in Manila and being more exposed to traveling abroad he also said this is now the time to introduce crazy concepts, innovative food, and alternative dining options to the Manila market.

He mentioned many more job opportunities that enlighten our mind especially to the graduating students and also to us that give us hopes that after we graduated in college even if we cannot get a job that what we really supposed to become in the future there are many good job replacement. The idea that Sir Dondi Ocampo figure out to us remove that what if feelings of ours rather it really helps us a lot to think that I definitely belong to this industry and I love this industry. It gives us courage enough and a positive way of thinking towards on how we deal in the real world in how to become competitive and construct your own business.

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