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8 August 2016

I. INTRODUCTION Having an educational field trip as a student of BAM – IM at the AZUCARERA in tarlac on February 21, 2014 for half a day after the first plant visit, we had a good impact for our perspective in our course. Hacienda Luisita is popular sugar cane farm inTarlac. It was owned by the Cojuangco’s and had a lot of history through the years. It’s a 4. 435 hectares, like the size of Makati and Pasig City combined. It is very huge and a lot of farmers are working for the farm.

It was shown how the company values there menpower, instead of calling them farmer, they call them planters as a sign of respect for the hard work that they are doing. They also value teamwork and cooperation. They treat each other as a family and makes sure that everyone has something out of there hard work. II. RATIONALE Field trips are important because it gives students a chance to learn hands on. Also, traveling will give them a chance to see different places and learn new things up close and personal. Field trips are good learning tools which many universities always do. III. OBJECTIVES

Reaction paper Essay Example

To be able to see personally how an industrial company works. To know how to manage an industrial company. To know the purpose and how innovation in an industrial company happens. IV. SUMMARY AND CONTENT This is the second plant visit we went is the Azacurera de Tarlac, we stayed for bus for half an hour, and when the first batch are done, we are the next, maybe the second to the last who will be tour of the company, we wore an helmet for our safety because the tour guide told us that sometimes an object falling from the top, and sometimes the helmet cracks, that’s why we wore an helmet.

Before we go to the production he lecture us a little information of what is azucarera is, after that we fall in line and go to the production, we first see the truck of sugarcane where falling from a hole, then after that we go to the production site, and there we can see how they create a sugar, I noticed again that some of the construction worker are not wearing proper PPE or personal protective equipment, and they also don’t have hazard signs, I think some of their machines are dangerous to approach, some of the machine are not lecture to us, we just exceeded some of them, that’s why we don’t know what machine and description.

V. REACTION PAPER POSITIVE: The positive of this, is when we’re in production all of the construction worker and other stuff there welcome us with a smile and there so kind when there touring us to the production site, even the construction worker are telling us what machine is their handling, and they even approach us near to see the machines. Much of the sugar comes from tarlac. That’s why we should be proud of this. NEGATIVE:

Same of the enerrtech, here in azucarera, their not wearing proper PPE or personal protective equipment, the company should be aware of this, there should be thinking of their employees health or safety, because most of them are not proper uniform, it should be complete, because for me, safety first. If something happen to their employees there will be the one who will be responsible to them, some place don’t have hazard signs, I think some of machine are very dangerous to approach, they should be alert of this.

VI. CONCLUSION VII. RECOMMENDATION Based on my observation, the challenges that the company should overcome will be the safety of there employees. The employee who was there doesn’t have personal protective equipments like helmets, gloves and even proper uniform. With the kind of work they are doing, it’s very essential for the employees to be protected.

It will take a big damage to the company and its reputation if there will be an accident and no preventive measure has been taken. Another thing was the hazzard sign, it is also essential to have signs especially to machines that need extra carefulness when being handled. What I am trying to point is, the safetiness of the employees should always be a priority because the company’s manpower is one of the key to its success, without them there will be no production.

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