Reaction Paper About Corruption

In the movie that we watched, I was shocked on how graft and corruption operates in our government, it is like a cancer that is slowly killing us but having no cure for it. When Sir Atienza told us that that corruption is present in the government and to show a proof for his statement he will show us a movie about it.

Back to the movie, government officials have different tactics in order to steal money that should be used for their said projects.One example of their tactics is price fixing, they will say that a specific item will cost higher from its usual price. Imagining that a single brick is worth 2 pesos but then corrupt officials will make it look that a single piece of brick will then cost 5 pesos each. Just by looking at it may lead us to see it as that they will not benefit a lot because they will only earn 3 pesos per brick but look again and analyze it, how many bricks will be used to finish their infrastructure project?They can earn millions of millions for every project and how much more can they earn in all of their projects. It is very disappointing that there are times when I think that you cannot trust any person in the government because I see them as corrupts. Spending too much money in the campaign will always lead to them to gain it back and by doing so they will steal money from the budget of our country. It is not only present in the national government but also in the local, it is present in any forms.

The question now is can we really stop graft and corruption?The documentary that we watched showed that there are so called graftbusters who fight for the rights of the people and try to end corruption in our country. Seeing them finding a way to stop this problem make me think that yes there is still a chance to establish a government that is honest to its people. But as I saw the rest of the documentary, I came to realize that even those that are eager to stop corruption can still end up failing to do so. Government officials became experts in corruption and they will not let people like the raftbusters to stop them. They are like monsters that will destroy those who are against them. Seeing the bridge of nowhere makes me feel so bad, the people in Abra are expecting that they will have a better life but still these government officials will not make it happen. I still believe that there is still a chance to end these problems even I think it is impossible I still want to have that thought.

It cannot be done by a single person so we must cooperate and help stopping this cancer that is killing us.

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