Reaction Paper Format

11 November 2016

The reaction papers must be typed (double-spaced) and should be no longer than a page to a page and a half long. Place your name and date in the header (top left page). These papers DO NOT require the use of a cover page. I. Bibliographic information (APA Style) II. Major points in the article (Must be in narrative format) a. Make sure you include an introductory paragraph. b. Each paragraph must have a minimum of 3 sentences. This is a must!

You may have more than 3 sentences, but not less than 3. c. Write in third person- do not include personal opinions or the use of personal nouns such as β€œI”, β€œwe” or β€œme”. β€œYou, I, we, us” belong in the critique section where you are relating personal opinions, not in the summary. d. The reaction paper must be typed and double-spaced. e. The reaction paper should be at least one page, but no more than a page and a half. f. Please avoid contractions.

Inclusive language should be used in the reaction paper (for example: gender references should be written as β€œhe/she” when the gender in unknown. h. No citations are necessary (within the paper) i. This section should include the summary only. III. As a prospective movement practitioner, how may knowledge of the content improve the teaching/learning/rehab process? a. Use specific examples III. Discuss any new or contradictory information. a. Discuss any information found in the article that is new(different from what is found in the book) or contradicts information found in the book.

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